Meet Mr. Adam

Mr. Adam is a real class act. He always shaves and wears clothes to impress. He is worldly, educated and a gentleman. While he is polite, he is not a pushover. He can handle his liquor and keeps himself in shape. More important for you, he knows everything there is to know about skincare. Men’s skincare to be specific.

A man’s skin is rough and can easily be irritated and dehydrated. Mr. Adam is there for you to solve all your skin care issues. Mr. Adam stands for personal care catering the specific needs of a man. After a skin analysis, Mr. Adam will recommend the right treatments and skincare to achieve visible and lasting skin improvement.

Based in Amsterdam Old South in a new salon with three relaxing Ambiances, to guarantee your privacy and peace of mind.

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Skincare that works


Mr. Adam works with the skincare brand Dermalogica because of their joined passion for skin. Mr. Adam does not go on speed dating, he is not someone that will go for the quick fix.

He goes for Speed Mapping, Dermalogica’s unique tool that will put you on the road towards your healthiest skin ever! In just a few quick steps, Mr. Adam identifies your top concern, then provides a personalized plan.

By teaming up with Dermalogica Mr. Adam works towards improving the quality of the skin by getting it acne-free and rid of irritations and other skin problems that are common to men. For every skin type, color and texture.