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The grey charcoal face wash

The Grey - Your Daily Skincare Routine

Since May of 2018, The Grey has been quietly revolutionising the world of men’s cosmetics. Marked by its fresh, contemporary brand design, their skincare range has been developed specifically for the active modern man.

"At THE GREY, we believe that looking after your skin should be straightforward and convenient"

Whether you want to clean or hydrate, fight signs of ageing or simply tone your skin, their compact skincare range has you covered.

Packed with natural, rejuvenating ingredients to help detoxify your skin and leave you feeling refreshed and radiant, The Grey skincare products work to preserve, protect and nourish – resulting in better-looking and healthier skin for you on a daily basis. The perfect daily skincare routine.

Mr. Adam Demalogica

Dermalogica - Skin Improvement Solutions

Personalized skin care by Dermalogica and Mr. Adam.

Mr. Adam works with the skincare brand Dermalogica because of their joined passion for skin. Mr. Adam does not go on speed dating, he is not someone that will go for the quick fix.

He goes for Speed Mapping, Dermalogica’s unique tool that will put you on the road towards your healthiest skin ever! In just a few quick steps, Mr. Adam identifies your top concern, then provides a personalized plan.

By teaming up with Dermalogica Mr. Adam works towards improving the quality of the skin by getting it acne-free and rid of irritations and other skin problems that are common to men.

For every skin type, color and texture.

Don't know which products are right for you?


If you don't know which products are best suited for your skin type or skin condition, that's allright. We are there for you, 7 days a week. Just book a facial treatment with us and we can tell you exactly which products are right for you.