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Article: Digitally Daring: Men and the Art of Virtual Rejuvenation

Digitally Daring: Men and the Art of Virtual Rejuvenation - Mr. Adam Skincare

Digitally Daring: Men and the Art of Virtual Rejuvenation

When I opened my Mr. Adam Instagram this morning, I noticed that more and more men who are active on Instagram don't shy away from using filters. In a time when men are also venturing into the digital world with filtered and edited photos, I realized that it's time to start a conversation about what I call 'Digitally Daring.' As the founder of a beauty salon for men, I want to take you into a world where we don't just live in bits and bytes, but where the real world is our playground.

Digital rejuvenation seems as normal nowadays as having a cup of coffee in the morning. But I wonder: are we really living in the digital world, or do we sometimes forget that the real world around us also deserves attention? When my husband comes home from the car wash, I wonder: do men also take care of their most important 'engine,' their skin? Mine does now (after some convincing). Men pay attention to nice clothes, regularly visit the barber, but how much attention do they give to the thing people see first: their skin?

I remember a new customer last week who, after a facial treatment, stood in front of the mirror and responded in amazement, 'I didn't know my skin could look this good!' It was a moment of self-discovery, a bit like the moment when you make a perfect swing on the golf course. In the real world, where winter tires, warmer clothing, and a new winter coat are on the wishlist, I wonder: what are modern men doing to protect their skin from the harsh weather that's coming? Shouldn't we care for our skin as much as we care for our beloved cars?

Winter is approaching, and while men think about practical matters, I call upon them not to forget their skin. Just like you prepare your car for winter conditions, your skin also deserves a protective layer. And it's not just about the outside; a healthy skin also reflects how we feel on the inside.

It's fascinating how quickly technology is evolving. However, men should not forget their own well-being in this fast-paced digital race. The skin, like any other organ, requires constant care and attention to function at its best. Let's stop rejuvenating ourselves with digital tricks and instead discover the art of 'Digital Rejuvenation' in the real world.

Visit Mr. Adam, not for filters, but for a skin analysis and treatments that will make your skin shine like a winter morning sun. So, gentlemen, let's be brave and take care of our skin in the world where it truly matters.


Column in Pure Luxe Magazine, Edition 10.