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Waxen ontharen voor mannen amsterdam

Waxing for men

Waxing Men Amsterdam

Mr. Adam is a big fan of hair removal through waxing. This is going to be your next addiction because waxing is the best and most natural way to remove hair. It is smart, simple, fast and you will be fully smooth and outside again within 20 minutes. Book your wax treatment now at Mr. Adam's brand new salon in Amsterdam Old-South.

Why Waxing:

  • Ready within 20 minutes
  • No longer suffer from hard stubble
  • No more problems with skin irritations
  • No more problems with ingrown hair
  • The hair stays away longer and comes back thinner
  • Face, upper body and lower body (Not the pubic area)

Waxing, this is how we work:

First of all, the wax is heated in the heater. The hard wax melts into a liquid substance. The ideal temperature is just below 40 degrees Celsius. After the skin is cleansed, the wax is applied to the skin. Then the wax is removed with a quick movement. After the area to be treated is free of hair, your skin will be treated with after wax care.

Mr. Adam Schoonheidssalon voor Mannen Amsterdam


The best and most natural way of hair removal for men. Smart, simple and fast. Smooth out of the salon within 20 minutes.

Wax Treatments


Face waxing, after a few minutes you step out of the salon with fresh and manly eyebrows, ears or nose. Fresh and clean.

From €19,-


We wax the chest, armpits, arms or back. Whatever it may be, you will enjoy smooth skin for a long time to come.

From €15,-


Waxing the buttocks, buttock seam and legs can be exciting. We put you at ease and work quickly and effectively.

From €15,-

Frequently Asked Questions

See you soon at Mr. Adam!