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Wenkbrauwen epileren bijwerken mannen

Eyebrow Grooming for Men

Eyebrow Grooming Men Amsterdam

Get rid of that Unibrow! Your eyebrows determine your facial expression. Removing a few hairs or leaving them on can make a big difference, but grooming your eyebrows yourself can be quite tricky.

Mr. Adam treatments:


  • eyebrow grooming men
  • coloring of the eyebrows
  • coloring of the eyelashes



Coloring the eyebrows and / or eyelashes can make a big difference without being noticeable. Mr. Adam specializes in the men's eyebrow and ensures that it looks masculine and well-groomed

Mr. Adam Schoonheidssalon voor Mannen Amsterdam


Your eyebrows determine your facial expression. Removing a few hairs, or leaving them in place, can make a big difference.


By means of 3 magic tools, excess hairs are removed and your eyebrows are back in perfect condition.

5 min | €29


Especially good if you haven't been for a while. Excess hairs are removed to shape your eyebrows just the way you want.

20 min | €39


With a brow tinting we ensure that your eyebrows are clearly visible and expressive for a powerful look.

10 min | €29


For men with light lashes. By means of eyelash tinting we ensure that you get a sleek look again.

10 min | €29

See you soon at Mr. Adam!