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Article: Skincare on the slopes: 4 how to's

Huidverzorging op de piste: 4 how to's
Skincare Routine

Skincare on the slopes: 4 how to's

Winter sports are an adrenaline rush, but the freezing temperature, the harsh cold wind and intense sunlight can leave your skin feeling dry, wind and sun burned.

When you are preparing for a ski trip, you are probably busy buying and packing all the gear you will need, and the right skincare should be part of that. Because extreme temperatures deplete the skin’s natural moisture reservoirs and weaken its barrier, leading to dry, flaky and irritated skin.

Don't let your skin complaints spoil your winter adventures. Mr. Adam will provide you with 4 steps to help you conquer the black diamonds with a healthy hydrated skin.

1. Before you hit the slopes

Cover exposed skin before you go onto the slopes with gloves, a scarf and a face mask. Next to that apply several layers of skincare products against windburn. Windburn leads to a red, irritated, dry and flaky skin and you don’t want that to spoil the experience. How to approach this is easy, by applying several layers of different products:

  • Cleanser: Start your day with a gentle cleanser
  • Hydrating Serum: Then use a hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that can hold 1,000 times its weight in water
  • Moisturizer: Followed by a rich, hydrating moisturizer to seal in the serum and nourish your skin. This will give you the most optimal protection during an active day on the slopes.

2. Mountains at your feet

The most important part of all is applying sunscreen at all time to prevent sunburn. Because of the thinner atmosphere at high altitude, the sun is more harmful compared to sea level. At the same time snow acts like a mirror, reflecting up to 80 per cent of the sun's UV light. Which means you will get hit from both above and below. You will get double skin damage if you don't protect your skin with a good sunscreen. Mr. Adam advises a minimum of SPF30 but SPF50 is even better.

Apply some sunscreen on your lips as well. They are more sensitive, because our lips have no melanin to shield them from damaging sun rays.

Face planting in the snow, sweating into your goggles, taking of your helmet - Mr. Adam's advice is to always have a travel size SPF in your pocket and reapply every one or two hours. Don't forget your lips after eating and drinking as well. 

3. Après-ski 

A hot shower or bath after a long and cold day on the slopes? Hot water strips away the natural oils of the skin that will lead to dehydration. Mr. Adam's advice is to take a quick warm shower.

Drink enough water and minimize alcohol and coffee. Alcohol and caffeine can have negative effects on the skin. They are both diuretics and dehydrate the skin, making it look dull and causing wrinkles. Mr. Adam recommends to start your day in the mountains with a decaf coffee instead. Drink a lot of water during the day and end the day at the après-ski bar with one as well.

4. Recovery

When you’re back from your winter adventure make sure to take the proper after care. Book the Facial Premium at Mr. Adam. We will boost your skin with high active ingredients to repair and recover from any damages caused. This recovery treatment will get your skin in the best condition possible after your ski trip and will leave your skin feeling refreshed and brand new.

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