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Article: Mr. Adam in Men's Health: This is how you fight bags under your eyes naturally

Zo bestrijd je wallen onder je ogen
Eye bags

Mr. Adam in Men's Health: This is how you fight bags under your eyes naturally

Without fillers that reduce dark circles.

Men's Health has asked Mr. Adam how you can naturally fight bags under your eyes. Read the result below.

Dark circles around your eyes are a sign of fatigue. Perhaps a lack of sleep, perhaps an unhealthy lifestyle, or perhaps just unlucky genes. All of them can be a reason for bags under your eyes. But can you also do something about it, without using fillers? Yes, you can get rid of bags under the eyes in a natural way.

This is how you fight bags under your eyes in a natural way

"First of all, it's important to mention that you can naturally combat under-eye bags, but there's no guarantee of success," said Charissa, founder of men's salon Mr. Adam. 'In addition, eye bags is a general name for different issues. For example, you can have dark circles, hyperpigmentation, an accumulation of fat and / or moisture, or sagging skin. The cause may lie in an unhealthy lifestyle or a genetic predisposition. But you can always try to get rid of the bags under your eyes, especially if your lifestyle is not in order.'

For example, under-eye puffiness becomes more common as we age. Charissa: 'The body is finding it increasingly difficult to remove moisture. This is especially visible in the morning when we wake up. Allergies can also play a role. In addition to moisture bags, fat bags are also possible. This is because our muscles around the eyes weaken with age. The result is that the subcutaneous fat is no longer retained and it becomes visible.'

What is the best way to get rid of bags under your eyes?

But what can you do about bags under your eyes? 'Protect your skin with a moisturizer - with SPF - even in winter,' says Charissa. 'Creams with vitamins A, C and hyaluronic acid can also help. These two vitamins processed in an eye cream can strengthen the skin, making the vessels less visible in dark circles and also less likely to create bags under the eyes. Hyaluronic acid binds moisture and fills the skin. This is a great ingredient against bags under your eyes.'

Another handy tip: put your cream in the fridge. 'The cold temperature causes narrowing of the blood vessels, which can reduce the swelling somewhat. And are you vegan or vegetarian? Then it could well be that you have a vitamin B12 deficiency. Check this with your doctor if necessary. A deficiency can lead to dark circles under the eyes,' says the practitioner.

The most important tip to get rid of bags under your eyes

So much for the treatment of bags under your eyes. How can you best prevent this? 'Go to bed on time and try to avoid stress as much as possible. Meditate, exercise and get regular massages,' says Charissa. 'Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and limit alcohol and caffeine. Also be moderate with salt, because overconsumption of salt causes your skin to retain more moisture. One last tip: massage the skin under the eyes with your fingertips towards your cheekbones. As a result, you drain the fluid through the lymphatic vessels and bags under your eyes can decrease.'

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