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Overnight Sleeping Mask - The Grey Men's Skincare

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50ml 1.69 fl. Oz

TheGrey’s multi-actieve nacht gezichtsmasker voor mannen versterkt, vult aan en herstelt je huid terwijl je slaapt. Het gezichtsmasker stimuleert de regeneratieve processen in de huid die plaatsvinden terwijl je rust. Dit is een gemakkelijke manier om je huidverzorgingsroutine uit te breiden en je huid van extra hydratatie te voorzien.

Geschikt voor: normal, sensitive, combination, oily and patchy skin


A multitasking overnight face mask to hydrate, brighten and calm stressed-out skin overnight. The non-stick gel-structured face mask will strengthen and moisturize the skin, giving it  a radiant glow. The Overnight Sleeping Mask continues its activity long after exposure to the sun has ceased, extending overnight. helping to repair signs of Photoaging.


Supercharged with a 24 hour "chronoactive" active to protect the epidermal lipids. Swiss garden cress reduces the effects of daytime stressors and helps to prevent the formation of melanin for a brighter, more luminous skin complexion, Seed extracts strengthen the internal skin structure. will help to Increases the skin’s self-protecting capacity, accelerates skin recovery and restores the skin’s moisture barrier,  repairing signs of premature ageing.


Apply evenly over face, neck, and around eye area, to clean, dry skin. Allow mask to set for 7-10 minutes before sleeping. Rinse off in the morning.

Use 2-3 times per week or as needed. Suitable for all skin types.

Overnight Sleeping Mask - The Grey Men's Skincare - Mr. Adam Skincare
Overnight Sleeping Mask - The Grey Men's Skincare Aanbiedingsprijs€69,00 EUR